Music 1

Doubt–Mary J Blige+Taylor Swift    Goodbye–Avril Lavigne    Youth–Troye Sivan   Rise–Selena Gomez

For this week I picked a bunch of random songs. Usually I pick a theme but I did not today.

The first song is Doubt. This song was sang originally by Mary J. Blige. Taylor Swift got permission to sing it at her concert and invited Mary J. Blige to join her. I really fell in love with this song. Everyone doubts themselves at some point and needs a little encouragement.

Goodbye is just a sad song that I wanted to post because its pretty. Sorry.

Youth is a catchy song and it’ll ‘help you recover from the feels’ of the last one as my cousin told me.

Rise is also an inspirational song about being able to overcome. I think it goes with Doubt really well since you have to first have faith in yourself then you can Rise above your past.