The White Rabbit Chronicles by Gena Showalter are the books for today! These were exceptional books, I have read them twice. The story was so fascinating, although Through the Zombie Glass made me a little mad. As many books do. A Mad Zombie Party surprised me. The Queen of Zombie Hearts was supposed to be the last one but then A Mad Zombie Party came out and normally I get frustrated with that, like if you write a series and you say it’ll only have three books, keep it to three books, but when I figures out what it was about I was not angry anymore….I was excited. Very excited. I have always been a Frosty girl myself(but he’s not better than Cole) so seeing this book I was like “YES!! She’s gonna fix his broken heart, thank the Lord!”

Summary: ¬† ¬†Alice(Ali) Bell was told never to go outside at night, especially not near cemetaries. But when her little sister has a dance recital that she’ just DYING to go to Ali convinces her mother and father to take them. Then, on the drive home, everything she’s ever known comes crashing down and reveals the one thing she refused to believe: her father’s monsters DO exist. She moves, gets a new school, and meets Cole Holland whom she is undeniably *eh hem* drawn to. Ali and Cole team together(along with his other friends) to fight these monsters. But, wait a minute, Ali’s special. She can do things that the others can’t. She starts going insane, her and Cole break up and get back together and eventually eveything ends up okayish. But Ali looses some crucial parts of her new life. She has to discover new and hold on to the things she knows are true.

The last book is about Frosty, a subcharacter in the original three, and his dealing with a very painful loss. He resists falling for the very person he feels destroyed his life but can’t seem to help it.