Music 2

Star–Lee Hi   Knee–IU   Toy–Block B   I Am You, You Are Me–Zico

These four songs are also pretty random.

Star is just the feeling of being in love with someone when they are your everything. Note: the guy in the video is actually One from SMTM4 and I was all WHAAAT when I found out cause man he’s good looking there and if there were a rapper that pretty I would’ve remembered. (The power of makeup)

Knee is a song about wanting to have the simplicity and be given the unconditional love that children have. Wanting to go back when you didn’t know anything about pain or trials.

Toy is catchy and about a relationship where the guy is saying ‘I’ll be anything you want me to, do anything just don’t leave me’. If I remember correctly.

Zico is in the band Block B. His song is about being in love with someone who doesn’t want you back and saying ‘You can say whatever but we’re similar.’ He’s kinda telling that no matter how she denies it they’re the same.