Korean Songs

Gummy-You Are my Everything   BTS-Just One Day  Block B-A Few Years Later  Red Velvet-One of These Nights

Obviously the first song is from a show that I am watching right now called Descendants of the Sun. the drama is about a Special Op Captain, Song Joongki(bae is back!!!), and a doctor, Song Hye Kyo, who fall in love. It’s a really good show, but it does have it’s bloody scene(as all shows featuring the military and doctors tend to). It’s one of my favorite dramas in a while(and that only has a little to do with the fact that Joongki is in it…). Honestly, I’m re-watching all the episodes that I’ve already watched on days when the new episodes aren’t posted just so I can watch it, and Joongki, everyday.

The second song is by a band that is slowly, reluctantly, becoming a favorite, BTS (or the Baby Gangsters as my family likes to call them). It was in a drama but I can’t remember which. I liked the song from the drama but never looked it up until i heard it a couple days ago on a youtube mix and then was like ‘I really like this song whose it by?’ The Baby Gangsters were not who I was expecting.

The third song is Block B’s comeback song. A quick youtube search of Block B will tell you that they do NOT typically do ANYTHING like this kind of music. That’s why many Block B fans were so surprised. The band has come so far and they’ve improved so much since the last comeback it was astonishing.

The last song is by Red Velvet. This is one of the first slow songs I have heard out of them and it really shows off their talent. May I just say that poor Wendy looks like a strawberry shortcake… But Joy looks really pretty and sophisticated with her new short hair.