Me Before You by Jojo Moyes


I did it. I actually read the book. As if the movie didn’t make me cry hard enough. It’s a great book really, justĀ it hits you right in the feels.

Lou is a bit…strange. Even to her family. Everyone says she’s got potential but when she loses her job and must go to the Job Center for a new one it sure doesn’t feel like it. She works one job and another until she stumbles across a job add for a living assistant. Lou it automatically against the job (there will be no ‘wiping bums’ in her future) but the pay is good (amazing) and she’s quickly running out of ways to support her mother, father, and grandfather. So she takes it. Completely different from her original expectations, the person she’s caring for is neither old, nor scary. However he is downright horrible. He’s disagreeable and stubborn. Lou suffers through learning to deal with Will Traynor and put up with all his unfortunate moods. Then she finds out Will’s plan and everything changes. She becomes determined to show him that there IS something worth living for. But Will is difficult to convince….

This book was amazing. It sucked you right in and made you go right along for the ride whether you were fully willing or not. It had me crying, with laughter and sadness, and wishing for a happy ending for Lou. It’s definitely worth the read.