Fools(Cover by JungKook+Rap Monster of BTS)   Out of the Woods(Grammy Museum)    Wildest Dreams(Grammy Museum)

The first song is orginally by Troye Sivan but I prefer the Jung Kook Rap Mon ver better since I like BTS anyway. The other two are just Taylore Swift songs preformed acoustically at the Grammy Museum. These are the versions of the two songs I like the most. They really show off her vocal and instrument skills in my opinion.


Pricked(Mino+Taehyun of Winner)  I’m Young(Taehyun of Winner)  Okey Dokey(org. by Zico+Mino)+Baby Baby(Winner)  Kness(IU)

Here are the Korean songs for this moment. Winner just had a comeback recently and their new songs were really different from their first ones. The concept was so differenet.  And may I just say Nam Taehyun is looking quite nice with the side part blonde hair over there….  I am constantly jelly of that boy’s makeup.

IU is one of the only girl singers I like especially in Kpop. This song reminds me of life. There are moments when all you want to do is lay down on your mother’s or father’s lap and fall asleep like you used to but you can’t. Times when you want to laugh openly like a child but have lost that freeness.

Hush Hush   When You’re Gone

These are the two english songs for this week. More Lavinge (sorry). Hush Hush is one I started listening to because of the title and the fact that it shares it with a book. When You’re Gone is a really pretty song to me. It kind of embodies a feeling I want to have, and think should exist, in a good relationship. Because I am that much of a dork.

Korean Comebacks

Call You Bae   Sympathy  SympathyAc   Hold Your Hand   Breathe

Just FYI these are Korean songs. The first two have English subtitles if you click on the CC button but the other two do not.

The first one is the comeback of a rapper, Jimin(the girl), who does not usually do cute songs like this. It’s so unbelievably catchy and even though I’m more of a ballad person myself I really like this song.

The second is by a singer Jung Joon Young (JJY). He has a very deep voice for his geeky gamer looks and personality. For those of you that care to know what the lyrics are to the song you’re listening to the first video had sub in Eng and in Esp(Spanish). The second one is the version I listen to.

The next two are both by Lee Hi and they literally came out the day I posted this so there is no sub for them yet. Lee Hi is one of my favorite singers because her voice is so unlike any other singer right now.

Many other comebacks happened, like Winner, but these were my favorite ones for this year specifically.

Falling Fast Nobody’s Home

So I’ve decided to try out this thing where I share a few songs that I’m really into right now. At the moment I’m listening to a lot of Avril Lavigne. I’m only putting two of her songs on here right now: Falling Fast and Nobody’s Home. They’re the ones I’m listening to on repeat. Specifically the versions/videos I’ve put here.



My second favorite Armentrout….COVENANT!! Now, before I start saying anything here I want to clear something up. There are many similarities in the first Covenant book (Half Blood) and the Vampire Academy book, however, this is the only book I recall parallels existing. After the start the story line pretty much flips around and is almost entirely different. So stomach the first book and read them all.

Note: I did not read Daimon(pronounced: Demon) or Elixir. I know this makes me a very bad fan but I didn’t even know about Daimon until I looked it up just now and Elixir would kill me in the feels so I just didn’t.

These are second, if not tied for first, on my overall Dude-I-Love-These-Books list. Alex is so smart-aleky and Aiden just plain lovely.

Summary:     Alexandria Andros and her mother ran away from Diety island three years ago. Just a few months(weeks days)before the books take place Alex’s mother is attacked by a Daimon and killed(turned into one). Alex herself is attacked soon after and would have died if not for Aiden St. Delphi. He and a few other Sentinels come to her rescue.  They take her back to her school but she’s so behind they threaten to make be a servant. Aiden steps in and says he’ll train her over the summer to get her caught up. And thus the romance begins! Alex is soon the best in class but thats not all, she’s one of two Apollyons when there’s only supposed to be one. Ares (yes the greek god Ares) wants to over throw the world so he tries to but Alex merges her powers with the other Apollyon’s and becomes the god killer. Of course she kills Ares and stops him from taking over the world but killing gods have to have consequences (even if all the other gods were the people who made you do it).

These books were hilarious. I read parts to my cousin when I was reading them and every time we see each other we’re like “meatballs tho”*. They seriously had my laughing out loud. They were different from anything I’d ever read. You don’t read much about gods and Apollyons while there’s a lot about demons and angels. It was fascinating to see how the author wove in greek culture to the story line.

*this particular section is found in Sentinel. It’s probably one of my favorite parts.


Ok so after like weeks of deciding which Armentrout series I have read to review I landed on…ALL THREE! Yeah, I’m a great decision maker…

Anyway, Lux is the first one I’m doing as it is the one I just finished and was thinking about first. It was not my favorite, honestly. I much prefer the other two (Daemon didn’t really do it for me) but that’s just my opinion. Not that it wasn’t good at all, it just wasn’t the best. It was interesting and different from anything else I’ve read before since I don’t ever read anything that has anything to do with aliens or Area 51. Lux is something I’d recommend to someone who likes to read about aliens but those that don’t usually might not find as drawing or fascinating.

Summary:     Katy Swartz moves from Miami to Nowheresville, West Virginia with her mother. Her new-very good looking-male neighbor, Daemon, is less than pleasant but his sister, Dee, is simply the nicest girl Katy’s met. She befriends Dee despite Daemon’s warnings to stay away from her. Daemon and Dee are both aliens and from personal experience Daemon believes that when aliens and humans have ANY type of relationship it ends in death and disappearances. As I’m sure you all guessed, Daemon’s keep-my-family-away-from-this-girl plan doesn’t really work out as he falls in love with Katy. The two become a very formidable pair against the people of the DOD and Arum(the enemies of Daemon) who want to study and kill the aliens respectively.


Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea by April Genevieve Tucholke

This is part of a two book series-so far. It was a very good book and the idea was intriguing. the whole story was based off of an idea I had never heard of before and I’d love to know where she got her inspiration.

The book is about a girl named Violet,her grandmother has died recently and Violet lives in her old house on the sea side. She meets River Redding and his brother Neely. River has a very exceptional gift pf what is called a “glow”. Neely does not seem to have this gift. Later in the book another Redding sibling comes in and wreaks havoc in the life of Violet.

In the next book Neely and Violet go looking for River who disappeared. They find a two friends along the way one of whom happens to be the third Redding sibling. They do find River, but he is completely insane.

Since i encourage reading books I don’t tell the end but leave it for you to find out. the books were SOOOOOO good and my description is the very bare minimum of the plot line. it is what you find on the inside that you think, “so that;s helpful” and you almost pur it back but can’t because it seems so good. Trust me you should read this.

“I’ve never fai…

“I’ve never failed. I’ve just found ten thousand ways that didn’t work.”-Thomas Alva Edison


Khalil Gibran

Khalil Gibran

I think that’s true in a way. We do ultimately choose what path we take. We don’t always know what choice we made or why but it’s always a final choice in life. This isn’t really any going back. People say life is like a highway or a path but that’s not true. On the highway or on a path you can take a u-turn and go back to choose something else. In life there’s no such chance. You always have the choice of taking a new road but never changing what’s already happened. Never redoing, or u-turning and starting over.

Masque of the Red Death by Bethany Griffin

Masque of the Red Death by Bethany Griffin

Araby Worth is the daughter of famous scientist whom invented the masks; the entire kingdom must wear these masks. She has fallen for Will and he is her main reason for going to the Debauchery Club. One night she is drugged and passes out on the floor of the library. A man named Elliot leaves her there and forgets about her.
April is Prince Prospero’s neice and Araby’s one and only friend. She is the reason for Elliot leaving Araby for someone else to find.
The Contagion is a disease that is killing most people in Prospero’s kingdom. Araby’s father may have created it. It killed his son.
Will is the person that checks people for the contagion before they enter the Debauchery Club. He is raising his two siblings since their parents died, barely scraping by with food. He finds Araby passed out on the floor and brings her home.
Elliot is April’s brother. He is planning a revolution against the Prince and needs Araby’s help to do it.
Araby is soon to find that what she thinks is a likely accident may really be not such an accident. Loss and Love battle in an all out war inside her as a fire kindles in the stability of humanity.
Betrayal, death, and lies combine with love, friendship, and family to create this epic tale. Griffin puts a fantastic spin on Poe’s Red Death and creates the most complicated yet simple charecters you will absolutely fall in love with.


Just because I have a never ending curiosity I want to know what kind of music you listen to. NO ONE is going to judge based on musical tastes. Originality is what I look for.