Edgar Allen Poe

The ‘Inventor of Mysteries’, a most remarkable secret and what seems to be the a dreary life. Edgar Allan Poe was certainly not the happy-go-lucky type. The gothic stories and poems that come from this man were not appealing to many people in the time of his life and still aren’t to many now. Here is a little more on the man who wrote the Raven(and made a $15 profit).

       Poe was born in Boston on January 19, 1809. He was born to David and Elizabeth Poe. They had two other children Henry and Rosalie. Elizabeth died when Poe was two after splitting from her husband and taking the three children with her. His brother Henry was sent to live with his grandparents, Rosalie went to a family whom we don’t know and Poe was adopted by Mr. and Mrs. John Allen. John Allen was a successful merchant so Poe grew up well-educated and in a good community. He went to school in England for five years and then he came back to school in Virginia. When he was 17 He went to The University of Virginia. Although John had plenty of money he only gave Poe a third of what was needed. So, even though Poe was smart he fell into heavy drinking and then became buried in extreme debt. He had to quit school a year after starting.

       With no job skill, no money, and being shunned by John, Poe joined the army when he was 18. He did well and earned the title of sergeant major. When Mrs. Allen died John tried to be nice to Poe by signing Poe’s application to West Point. While waiting to be let in he lived with his Aunt and his brother, Henry, and  young cousin, Virginia. After Poe got there John refused to send him money. Some people think that Poe purposely broke the rules and ignored duties so he could leave.

      In 1831 he went to New York were he had some of his poetry published. All the stories he submitted were rejected. Poe had no friends, no money, and no job. He was also in a lot of financial trouble.John Allen died in 1834. Edgar found a job as a newspaper editor. He missed hos aunt and Virginia so much he asked them to live with him. In 1836 Poe married Virginia. Poe left the paper in early 1836 and moved to Pittsburgh were he wrote his first volume of short stories “Tales of the Grotesque and Arabesque” he received 20 copies and no money. Poe was editor for two other magazines before his mysterious death in 1849.

       Poe was on his way from Philadelphia to Baltimore. He was supposed to go to New York but got on the wrong train. Unless, of course, there was some reason to go to Baltimore(had this grotesque man had secrets?). October 3 he was found at Gunners’ Hall at the address of 44 East Lombard Street. He was wearing someone else’s clothes and was incoherent and was brought to a hospital. He went in and out of consciousness and no one ever understood what happened to him. The mystery of his death created many urban legends and there are many theories on his death. The most popular theory is Alcohol because he was a heavy drinker(this is most likely). Another is disease(one I doubt). There is also the theory of cooping(I don’t think that one happened either).

        My opinion on his death is non of those. I don’t think Poe was drunk, although that is the most possible. I think he was insane. Or maybe he wasn’t. I don’t know. That’s what he seemed. seem crazy though. A theory made of fiction yet still fascinating is that Poe knew things we didn’t. I believe he did. The logical side of me(the annoying side)says Alcohol. The more fictional, crazy, completely insane side of me says something only Poe knew of. Nuts right? One of the down sides of reading so very very much. 😀


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