Me Before You by Jojo Moyes


I did it. I actually read the book. As if the movie didn’t make me cry hard enough. It’s a great book really, just it hits you right in the feels.

Lou is a bit…strange. Even to her family. Everyone says she’s got potential but when she loses her job and must go to the Job Center for a new one it sure doesn’t feel like it. She works one job and another until she stumbles across a job add for a living assistant. Lou it automatically against the job (there will be no ‘wiping bums’ in her future) but the pay is good (amazing) and she’s quickly running out of ways to support her mother, father, and grandfather. So she takes it. Completely different from her original expectations, the person she’s caring for is neither old, nor scary. However he is downright horrible. He’s disagreeable and stubborn. Lou suffers through learning to deal with Will Traynor and put up with all his unfortunate moods. Then she finds out Will’s plan and everything changes. She becomes determined to show him that there IS something worth living for. But Will is difficult to convince….

This book was amazing. It sucked you right in and made you go right along for the ride whether you were fully willing or not. It had me crying, with laughter and sadness, and wishing for a happy ending for Lou. It’s definitely worth the read.



Love, Lucy by April Lindner


This book I read this last week. It was the one I read after Anna and the French Kiss. This one was also very good. I forgot how much I like the books where the characters are exploring different countries.

This book is about Lucy, a born actress. Her father thinks acting is a very bad career choice with all the rejections that could happen and how hard it is to get started. So he bribes her with a trip across Europe. She can go, it’ll be fully funded too, she just had to go to the school he chooses and major in Business. Lucy jumps on it frightened of being rejected as well. On the Italy part of her tour she meets Jesse and over the course of a few days falls in love with him. She leaves him in Italy and starts her college in Pennsylvania. After a few months she gets new friends and a boyfriend but then Jesse comes back and Lucy can’t seem to deny him. Jesse keeps encouraging her to do what SHE wants not what her father wants for her.

I really liked this book. It wasn’t as good as Anna and the French Kiss in my opinion but it’s still worth the read.



I’m sorry to everyone who follows me for my books. I haven’t been reading anything but Armentrout as I’m stuck in a rut right now. You know how you read a book and you get into it so much that when it ends you’re just like “WHY?!” so you keep rereading it over and over again until you find something just as good? Yeah, thats me. Only the new ‘good’ has to compete with three full series. So I’m still looking. Sorry for not having read anything that I haven’t already talked about. I’ll work on that. Thanks for your patience and understanding. ^^


The White Rabbit Chronicles by Gena Showalter are the books for today! These were exceptional books, I have read them twice. The story was so fascinating, although Through the Zombie Glass made me a little mad. As many books do. A Mad Zombie Party surprised me. The Queen of Zombie Hearts was supposed to be the last one but then A Mad Zombie Party came out and normally I get frustrated with that, like if you write a series and you say it’ll only have three books, keep it to three books, but when I figures out what it was about I was not angry anymore….I was excited. Very excited. I have always been a Frosty girl myself(but he’s not better than Cole) so seeing this book I was like “YES!! She’s gonna fix his broken heart, thank the Lord!”

Summary:    Alice(Ali) Bell was told never to go outside at night, especially not near cemetaries. But when her little sister has a dance recital that she’ just DYING to go to Ali convinces her mother and father to take them. Then, on the drive home, everything she’s ever known comes crashing down and reveals the one thing she refused to believe: her father’s monsters DO exist. She moves, gets a new school, and meets Cole Holland whom she is undeniably *eh hem* drawn to. Ali and Cole team together(along with his other friends) to fight these monsters. But, wait a minute, Ali’s special. She can do things that the others can’t. She starts going insane, her and Cole break up and get back together and eventually eveything ends up okayish. But Ali looses some crucial parts of her new life. She has to discover new and hold on to the things she knows are true.

The last book is about Frosty, a subcharacter in the original three, and his dealing with a very painful loss. He resists falling for the very person he feels destroyed his life but can’t seem to help it.



My second favorite Armentrout….COVENANT!! Now, before I start saying anything here I want to clear something up. There are many similarities in the first Covenant book (Half Blood) and the Vampire Academy book, however, this is the only book I recall parallels existing. After the start the story line pretty much flips around and is almost entirely different. So stomach the first book and read them all.

Note: I did not read Daimon(pronounced: Demon) or Elixir. I know this makes me a very bad fan but I didn’t even know about Daimon until I looked it up just now and Elixir would kill me in the feels so I just didn’t.

These are second, if not tied for first, on my overall Dude-I-Love-These-Books list. Alex is so smart-aleky and Aiden just plain lovely.

Summary:     Alexandria Andros and her mother ran away from Diety island three years ago. Just a few months(weeks days)before the books take place Alex’s mother is attacked by a Daimon and killed(turned into one). Alex herself is attacked soon after and would have died if not for Aiden St. Delphi. He and a few other Sentinels come to her rescue.  They take her back to her school but she’s so behind they threaten to make be a servant. Aiden steps in and says he’ll train her over the summer to get her caught up. And thus the romance begins! Alex is soon the best in class but thats not all, she’s one of two Apollyons when there’s only supposed to be one. Ares (yes the greek god Ares) wants to over throw the world so he tries to but Alex merges her powers with the other Apollyon’s and becomes the god killer. Of course she kills Ares and stops him from taking over the world but killing gods have to have consequences (even if all the other gods were the people who made you do it).

These books were hilarious. I read parts to my cousin when I was reading them and every time we see each other we’re like “meatballs tho”*. They seriously had my laughing out loud. They were different from anything I’d ever read. You don’t read much about gods and Apollyons while there’s a lot about demons and angels. It was fascinating to see how the author wove in greek culture to the story line.

*this particular section is found in Sentinel. It’s probably one of my favorite parts.


Ok so after like weeks of deciding which Armentrout series I have read to review I landed on…ALL THREE! Yeah, I’m a great decision maker…

Anyway, Lux is the first one I’m doing as it is the one I just finished and was thinking about first. It was not my favorite, honestly. I much prefer the other two (Daemon didn’t really do it for me) but that’s just my opinion. Not that it wasn’t good at all, it just wasn’t the best. It was interesting and different from anything else I’ve read before since I don’t ever read anything that has anything to do with aliens or Area 51. Lux is something I’d recommend to someone who likes to read about aliens but those that don’t usually might not find as drawing or fascinating.

Summary:     Katy Swartz moves from Miami to Nowheresville, West Virginia with her mother. Her new-very good looking-male neighbor, Daemon, is less than pleasant but his sister, Dee, is simply the nicest girl Katy’s met. She befriends Dee despite Daemon’s warnings to stay away from her. Daemon and Dee are both aliens and from personal experience Daemon believes that when aliens and humans have ANY type of relationship it ends in death and disappearances. As I’m sure you all guessed, Daemon’s keep-my-family-away-from-this-girl plan doesn’t really work out as he falls in love with Katy. The two become a very formidable pair against the people of the DOD and Arum(the enemies of Daemon) who want to study and kill the aliens respectively.