​One Paris Summer by Denise Grocer Swank

​This is probably one of the best books I’ve read this year. Being a music person I loved the piano bits if the book but I know it annoyed some others that have read the book. I just loved this whole book. It would make a perfect K-Drama in that it kept you going till the very last pages and had all the proper rollercoaster feels. 
Sophie’s father moved to Paris last August. Her parents get divorced and a few months later her dad calls saying he’s gettinv married and wants Sophie and her brother to come to Paris to be there. Her dad wants them to stay all summer but Sophie has to practice her piano assignment during the summer so she can get that scholarship. Her father promises that he’ll have a piano there for her to practice and her mom says it’ll be a great opportunity. So Sophie is shipped off to Paris for the summer. There she meets her new stepmom (a lovely lady), her new stepsister (a not so lovely lady), and Mathieu (extremely good looking but a complete jerk). And her dad lied: he doesn’t have a piano and doesn’t plan to get one either. Lucky for her Mathieu seems to want to share his. The question is can she stand him for that long? 


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