Love, Lucy by April Lindner


This book I read this last week. It was the one I read after Anna and the French Kiss. This one was also very good. I forgot how much I like the books where the characters are exploring different countries.

This book is about Lucy, a born actress. Her father thinks acting is a very bad career choice with all the rejections that could happen and how hard it is to get started. So he bribes her with a trip across Europe. She can go, it’ll be fully funded too, she just had to go to the school he chooses and major in Business. Lucy jumps on it frightened of being rejected as well. On the Italy part of her tour she meets Jesse and over the course of a few days falls in love with him. She leaves him in Italy and starts her college in Pennsylvania. After a few months she gets new friends and a boyfriend but then Jesse comes back and Lucy can’t seem to deny him. Jesse keeps encouraging her to do what SHE wants not what her father wants for her.

I really liked this book. It wasn’t as good as Anna and the French Kiss in my opinion but it’s still worth the read.



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