Pricked(Mino+Taehyun of Winner)  I’m Young(Taehyun of Winner)  Okey Dokey(org. by Zico+Mino)+Baby Baby(Winner)  Kness(IU)

Here are the Korean songs for this moment. Winner just had a comeback recently and their new songs were really different from their first ones. The concept was so differenet.  And may I just say Nam Taehyun is looking quite nice with the side part blonde hair over there….  I am constantly jelly of that boy’s makeup.

IU is one of the only girl singers I like especially in Kpop. This song reminds me of life. There are moments when all you want to do is lay down on your mother’s or father’s lap and fall asleep like you used to but you can’t. Times when you want to laugh openly like a child but have lost that freeness.


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