Korean Comebacks

Call You Bae   Sympathy  SympathyAc   Hold Your Hand   Breathe

Just FYI these are Korean songs. The first two have English subtitles if you click on the CC button but the other two do not.

The first one is the comeback of a rapper, Jimin(the girl), who does not usually do cute songs like this. It’s so unbelievably catchy and even though I’m more of a ballad person myself I really like this song.

The second is by a singer Jung Joon Young (JJY). He has a very deep voice for his geeky gamer looks and personality. For those of you that care to know what the lyrics are to the song you’re listening to the first video had sub in Eng and in Esp(Spanish). The second one is the version I listen to.

The next two are both by Lee Hi and they literally came out the day I posted this so there is no sub for them yet. Lee Hi is one of my favorite singers because her voice is so unlike any other singer right now.

Many other comebacks happened, like Winner, but these were my favorite ones for this year specifically.


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