Ok so after like weeks of deciding which Armentrout series I have read to review I landed on…ALL THREE! Yeah, I’m a great decision maker…

Anyway, Lux is the first one I’m doing as it is the one I just finished and was thinking about first. It was not my favorite, honestly. I much prefer the other two (Daemon didn’t really do it for me) but that’s just my opinion. Not that it wasn’t good at all, it just wasn’t the best. It was interesting and different from anything else I’ve read before since I don’t ever read anything that has anything to do with aliens or Area 51. Lux is something I’d recommend to someone who likes to read about aliens but those that don’t usually might not find as drawing or fascinating.

Summary:     Katy Swartz moves from Miami to Nowheresville, West Virginia with her mother. Her new-very good looking-male neighbor, Daemon, is less than pleasant but his sister, Dee, is simply the nicest girl Katy’s met. She befriends Dee despite Daemon’s warnings to stay away from her. Daemon and Dee are both aliens and from personal experience Daemon believes that when aliens and humans have ANY type of relationship it ends in death and disappearances. As I’m sure you all guessed, Daemon’s keep-my-family-away-from-this-girl plan doesn’t really work out as he falls in love with Katy. The two become a very formidable pair against the people of the DOD and Arum(the enemies of Daemon) who want to study and kill the aliens respectively.



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