My second favorite Armentrout….COVENANT!! Now, before I start saying anything here I want to clear something up. There are many similarities in the first Covenant book (Half Blood) and the Vampire Academy book, however, this is the only book I recall parallels existing. After the start the story line pretty much flips around and is almost entirely different. So stomach the first book and read them all.

Note: I did not read Daimon(pronounced: Demon) or Elixir. I know this makes me a very bad fan but I didn’t even know about Daimon until I looked it up just now and Elixir would kill me in the feels so I just didn’t.

These are second, if not tied for first, on my overall Dude-I-Love-These-Books list. Alex is so smart-aleky and Aiden just plain lovely.

Summary:     Alexandria Andros and her mother ran away from Diety island three years ago. Just a few months(weeks days)before the books take place Alex’s mother is attacked by a Daimon and killed(turned into one). Alex herself is attacked soon after and would have died if not for Aiden St. Delphi. He and a few other Sentinels come to her rescue.  They take her back to her school but she’s so behind they threaten to make be a servant. Aiden steps in and says he’ll train her over the summer to get her caught up. And thus the romance begins! Alex is soon the best in class but thats not all, she’s one of two Apollyons when there’s only supposed to be one. Ares (yes the greek god Ares) wants to over throw the world so he tries to but Alex merges her powers with the other Apollyon’s and becomes the god killer. Of course she kills Ares and stops him from taking over the world but killing gods have to have consequences (even if all the other gods were the people who made you do it).

These books were hilarious. I read parts to my cousin when I was reading them and every time we see each other we’re like “meatballs tho”*. They seriously had my laughing out loud. They were different from anything I’d ever read. You don’t read much about gods and Apollyons while there’s a lot about demons and angels. It was fascinating to see how the author wove in greek culture to the story line.

*this particular section is found in Sentinel. It’s probably one of my favorite parts.


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