Masque of the Red Death by Bethany Griffin

Masque of the Red Death by Bethany Griffin

Araby Worth is the daughter of famous scientist whom invented the masks; the entire kingdom must wear these masks. She has fallen for Will and he is her main reason for going to the Debauchery Club. One night she is drugged and passes out on the floor of the library. A man named Elliot leaves her there and forgets about her.
April is Prince Prospero’s neice and Araby’s one and only friend. She is the reason for Elliot leaving Araby for someone else to find.
The Contagion is a disease that is killing most people in Prospero’s kingdom. Araby’s father may have created it. It killed his son.
Will is the person that checks people for the contagion before they enter the Debauchery Club. He is raising his two siblings since their parents died, barely scraping by with food. He finds Araby passed out on the floor and brings her home.
Elliot is April’s brother. He is planning a revolution against the Prince and needs Araby’s help to do it.
Araby is soon to find that what she thinks is a likely accident may really be not such an accident. Loss and Love battle in an all out war inside her as a fire kindles in the stability of humanity.
Betrayal, death, and lies combine with love, friendship, and family to create this epic tale. Griffin puts a fantastic spin on Poe’s Red Death and creates the most complicated yet simple charecters you will absolutely fall in love with.


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