Vampire Academy Series

Vampire Academy Series

I have started reading this series and it is now going to be turned in to a movie! YAY!!!! I was so excited!

The main idea is Rose Hathaway is captured and taken back to Saint Vladimir’s Academy, along with her best friend Lissa, by Dimitri Belikov. Yes, the “who” is important. Anyway, Dimitri captures them and takes them back to the school, convinces headmistress whatshername, and falls in love with Rose. Unfortunately that’s against the rules A) because Rose is a kid and B)he thinks it will distract him from protecting Lissa(he’s her guardian as is Rose).
They end up deciding to be together(emphasis on “deciding”)and then Dimitri goes evil. And that’s as far as I got. Total suspense. Although I’m reading Innocent Darkness right now, not a Vampire Academy novel, so I’m occupied.
The main reason I started reading the books was because I want to read the spin-off, Bloodlines.


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