The Darkest Powers Trilogy

The Darkest Powers Trilogy

This is the Darkest Powers Trilogy. It is about Chloe Saunders, a necromancer, who gets sent to a crazy house, for teens, for seeing things, ghosts. There she meets seemingly impassive and kind of rude, Derek who know A LOT about paranormals and is also a werewolf, his foster brother, Simeon who is sweet, a sorcerer, and has a major crush on Chloe, Liz a half-demon with the power of telekinesis and Chloe’s best friend(before she dies)at Lyle House(the nuthouse), Tori a witch(the paranormal kind) who hates Chloe and has an obsessive crush on Simeon, and Rae a half-demon who has an attraction to fire and becomes Chloe’s friend after Liz dies.

Rae, Chloe, Derek and Simeon escape Lyle House and end up on the run looking for Simeon and Derek’s father. They do in the end find him and live happily ever after.

Hopeless Romantics(or if you just like romance novels)read on: Chloe, of course, does end up with one of the brothers. Now how many out there assume Simeon right off the bat? Hmmmm?


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