The Legendary Fabelia


Fabelia is a land of mythical things, a land where creatures are many and man is few. Fabelia is often called a fable, but this will prove it true.

———–Chapter One————

The Beginnings

There once was a King He ruled everything there was. He had His people, and his people had Him. They knew His power and knew nothing could defeat Him for He was the Creator of all that was and all that would be. One citizen grew jealous and filled with hatred toward the King, he rebelled and made for himself a dark, evil realm he called UnderVale. He let his jealousy and hatred consume him transforming him into a hideous monster a creature with no description nor a name he became known as the father of evil, the Serpent Lord. Thus was the birth of evil.

The Good King the King of Heavens and the King of Earth we shall call Highest King as His subjects call Him knew everything past, present, and future He knew no matter how much evil the Serpent Lord manufactured He the Highest King would be able to control his every move so He created a universe with galaxy’s and planets with only one planet that would be inhabited by life, Mythicon, He put light in His universe and plants on Mythicon and water and soil and rock and creatures every mythical creature you can think of along with every creature in our own world as well He put creatures from dwarves to elves to fairies to sprites to centaurs to griffins to phoenixes if you can think of it He created it He also put man on His precious planet but men were far fewer than any other creature yet they were all royal. That was the kindling of Mythicon and Fabelia and all other countries on the planet.
All credit to: NarnianGecko whos blog you can find in my list of blogs im following and my best friend.



2 thoughts on “The Legendary Fabelia

  1. THANK YOU!! Now that I’m reading it a few days after I wrote I see some punctuation mistakes, I probably should have revised that before I sent it to anyone. P.S. I don’t use my blog I just got an account so I could comment on things.

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