Fallen by Lauren Kate

Fallen by Lauren Kate

The first book in the Fallen series, Fallen is thrilling, and it will keep you guessing. Luce Price is sent to a “school” Sword and Cross after her boyfriend bursts into flame. She is the only suspect and she doesn’t even understand what happened. At Sword and Cross she meets fallen angels(not that Luce knows)Arianne, who instantly befriends Luce, Daniel, who seems to be avoiding Luce and whom Luce seems to be drawn to for unknown reasons, and Cam, who is very nice to Luce.
Cam takes Luce on a date outside school and they end up in a bar where Cam beats up two drunk guys, for going for Luce, with inhuman strength. Daniel then has to explain that the school is mostly made up of fallen angels. Gabbe( a girl who turns out to be the Angel Gabriel), Arianne and Annabelle(who pass as sisters) are allied with God. Cam, Molly(who deosn’t like Luce) and Roland(a black angel who party’s a lot) are on the side of Satan. Daniel has no side. He tells her that he is cursed to love her and that every time they get close she bursts into flame before his eyes never reaching the age of 18. This time, though, Luce makes it past 17 despite Daniel telling her this and their kiss. They all focus on the fact that Luce has not been baptized so she will not return if she dies, making Daniel be frustratingly careful. The two sides of angels end up battling and the school librarian(Miss Sophia) leads Penn(Luce’s best friend) and Luce, both of which are the only mortals, away from the battle. miss Sophia turns out to be part of some Elders who want to tip the balance of good and evil once and for all by making Daniel choose a side. She kills Penn and attempts to kill Luce as well but Daniel saves the day! Along with Ariannne and Gabbe. Luce is told to allow herself to be taken to safety by Mr. Cole, a teacher who know the supernatural goings on. With a kiss and promise to see her soon from Daniel Luce is flown by helicopter to safety.
Preview of the other books
Torment: Luce tries to figure out her and Daniel past at a new school, Shoreline. What she doesn’t know is that she is being watched by Daniel and by Cam to make sure she doesn’t go off campus and get captured. Luce doesn’t like to be told what to do though. Anyway, until the end Luce doesn’t find much out about her past. Then she jumps into an Announcer.

Passion: Luce is jumping through time and Daniel is chasing after her. Also jumping through time are Shelby and Miles(Luce’s Shoreline friends), Arianne, Gabbe, Cam, Roland, and Molly(yes, even Molly). Luce finds out so many things while being helped by “Bill”, the gargoyle looking thing who turns out to be Satan himself! Luce learns, after her time hopping, that Satan wants to erase all of time! At the end she is reunited with Daniel, in Heaven during the Fall, and they go to a cabin where Luce finds Cam who told they others Luce is fine. They all arrive hug Luce(Even Molly)and Luce has to tell them about the time that isn’t going to be there any more. They all decide to try and stop Satan in nine days(the length of the Fall).

Fallen in Love: Novella. Shelby and Mile find love where they least expect it. Roland goes through the pain of loosing a love. Ariannne has burning love. Daniel and Luce spend a first-and last-night together. All in medieval England on Valentines day.

Rapture: I have not read this one yet but I will tell you what I know. They all try and stop Satan in nine days. That’s it. The only thing everyone could have gathered on their own. I will edit this when I have read the book. READ THE BOOK: Luce finds out that she herself is a fallen angel. Apperently when Lucifer fell and took his angels with him, all the angels were forced to pick a side and Daniel and Luce chose each other. Now they are forced to pick a side or loose something extremely precious at the risk of another even more precious thing.

Teardrops: Not yet out.


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