Shade by Jeri Smith-Ready

Shade by Jeri Smith-Ready

This is the first book in the Shade trilogy. Shade, Shift and Shine. The books are good if not kind of romance for the main story line so everyone who doesn’t like romance be forewarned. In the books Aura’s boyfriend, Logan, dies suddenly turning him into a ghost. aura can see ghosts and talks to them so he haunts her, of a sort. Then she meets a Scottish guy named Zachary, something way more complicated in his language though. They fall in love, of course, but Logan is still a ghost and he knows so he kind of gets jealous. He gets super mad at Aura and goes shade. That is pretty much all I can say except: Aura’s the First and Zachary’s the Last which means they both have some kind of powers. It’s kind of cool. If you want anymore info you have to read the book. The DMP goes after them so they can use them as lab experiments. They were very interesting and I seriously could NOT stop reading!


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