“It’s fearless …

“It’s fearless to say ‘Your NOT sorry’ and walk away.”-Taylor Swift

Well, again that is true. If you are in a relationship and the guy hurts you and says he’s sorry and you don’t believe him you can say ‘no you’re not’ and walk away even if it hurts because it’s really not worth it if he’s just going to do it again. Then you blame yourself for not walking away in the first place. Unless you feel it’s right don’t go back to someone who hurt you very badly ’cause chances are their just gonna do it again. People who know me will ask how I know this ’cause I’m young to have a boyfriend and I have one answer. Well two:1. books, 2.common sense. I’m not trying to hurt anyone who makes this mistakes I’m just saying that it should be common sense. Yes, I know you are supposed to take leaps, I know you are supposed to do things you are scared of, okay, I know this, but sometimes you shouldn’t take that risk. Especially when you’ve done it once and got burned so to speak. I;m not saying you should never go back to ANYONE that hurt you, just the ones that don’t feel right, that don’t, I don’t know, click I guess. If you feel comfortable going back to someone go head, take the leap again, that I encourage. But if you don’t feel comfortable DON’T go back. I may not know you but I certainly don’t want ANYONE to go through pain.


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